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Pastor Josh Hart is a trailblazer for the contemporary power church, and challenges his peers, members and community to possess the kingdom of God and all that comes with it! With his wife Pastor Kimmi Hart serving at his side, Pastor Josh is dedicated to creating a culture of serving and being world changers! He is father to three wonderful children, Aivah, Carson and Remi.


Pastor Josh has been a staple Pastor and musician in the Louisville area. With a mission to connect with you, enrich your family, and reach our city and region, he is committed to developing and discipling broken people, enhancing community through outreach, and promoting and living wholly healthy lives.


ANWA LOUISVILLE is a place where everyone is welcome in the family as we learn and grow together in Christ! ANWA LOUISVILLE is a campus All Nations Worship submitted to the All Nations Network under the leadership of Dr. Matthew Stevenson III.

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