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The Bible says “fear not” or “don’t be afraid” over 100 times! Fear is one of the biggest weapons of the enemy. There are so many phobias in the world today - from food to spiders to clowns to public speaking and even the very air that we breathe. Fear is designed to bind us, torment us and keep us from living a life of freedom in Christ. God knew that this would be a big problem for people, and that’s why He told us over and over again in the Bible to “fear not” and “be strong and courageous.” Jesus was never afraid of anything or anyone. He never let fear stop Him because He knew His Father was always with Him, so there is no reason to be afraid. He also told us to “not be afraid.” If He said it, it must be possible to live completely free from any fear, no matter what it is, even the fear of death. Instead, we can live like Jesus did, strong and courageous in everything we do because we know our God, and we know that He loves us and is always with us!

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